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Luzern: Day 3

We woke up Saturday to more rain :(  Which was especially sad because it was the day we were going up the mountain to see the spectacular view... so much for that...

Since our tour didn't leave until 12, we decided to check out a contemporary art museum in the morning.  It was the Rosengart Collection.  I loved it because it had a lot of my favorite artists like Klee, Picasso and Kandinsky.

Then we found our tour to Mount Pilatus.

It started out with a bus ride to a gondola that took us up the mountain.  The gondola ride took a long time and we really couldn't see much because of all the clouds and rain.  We had a couple hours at the top to enjoy the scenery...

which really wasn't that enjoyable.

We did go on a cool walk through a path that was in a cave to learn the legend of the dragon(s) that live on Mt. Pilatus.

On the way down we took the steepest cog railway in the world!  It was still pretty cloudy and drizzly...

 But we did get to see some awesome cows wearing cow bells!

Once we'd safely made our decent, it was time to board a boat back to Luzern.  Even though it was cloudy, the views were still amazing.

Later that evening, on a walk after dinner, we saw the cutest thing ever!

baby swan pile!!
They were definitely the cutest part of the Luzern trip!

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